November 2016 Mass Tort Course

Please join us  Nov 11th – Nov 14th  for the

“Four Days to Mass Tort Success Course”

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In addition to the hands-on practical knowledge all course attendees receive, we are privileged to have an All-Star panel of attorney speakers discussing current, emerging and ongoing Mass Tort Litigations.
Best of all, this program will be interactive.  There will be 
ample Q&A after each presentation.
Whether you have dabbled in Mass Torts or are new to the practice area, the “Four Day Mass Tort Success Course” will help you avoid common mistakes, while giving you a road map to success in Mass Torts.  We teach you a step by step process to ensure you understand the methods and metrics of this
practice area. 
View the videos to the right to hear what past course attendees have to say about the
Mass Tort Nexus “Four Days to Mass Tort Success Course.”

Taxotere Product Liability Litigation

Chris Elliot is the managing attorney of Mass Torts, at the Law Firm of Bachus & Shankner, in Denver, Colorado. Chris was instrumental in filing of the first Taxotere case, as well as the motion for consolidation, which was granted by the JPML on October 4th, 2016 forming MDL 2740.

Chris will be presenting information essential to any attorney interested in the Taxotere  Litigation. Attorneys who wish to expand their knowledge base on this case, will not want 

to miss the opportunity to get the latest information on this emerging 

Talcum  Powder Product Liability Litigation

James Onder will be speaking on the subject of the Talcum Powder Litigation. He is one of the lead attorneys in the City of St. Louis consolidation, which has already produced multiple Jury verdicts exceeding fifty million dollars each.
James, and other members of his firm, have served as co-lead counsel and in various leadership positions on numerous MDLs. The opportunity to hear James speak about a difficult litigation, that he and his co-counsel firms managed to achieve massive jury awards in will be  an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

IVC Filter Product Liability Litigation

John Dalimonte currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Cook Medical IVC Filter Litigation and the Bard IVC Filter Litigation. He will be speaking about  the Cook and Bard IVC Filter Litigations, as well as other ongoing and emerging IVC Filter Litigations, which involve additional IVC manufacturers. John has served in leadership positions on a number of MDLs and was Co-Lead Counsel in the Vioxx Product Liability Litigation.
The IVC Filter Litigation may be one of the largest mass product liability litigation’s of all time, with respect to the number of plaintiffs and payouts. This litigation puts the “complex” in complex litigation and the 
opportunity to interact with one of the leading attorneys in this case is invaluable.

Pradaxa Ligation Connecticut Consolidation

Neal  Moskow served on the Plaintiff Steering Committee of the Traysol Product Liability Litigation MDL 1928.
Neal serves in Leadership in the Pradaxa Connecticut State Court Consolidation. 
With the abrupt end of the Pradaxa Federal MDL, many firms have found themselves with Pradaxa clients and in need of a consolidated litigation. Neal will be discussing the ongoing Pradaxa State Consolidation, which may provide a home for your Pradaxa cases now that the Federal MDL has closed. 

Xarelto, Onglyza and Fluoroquinolones

Ryan Thompson will round out the panel speaking and answering questions about three litigations every firm should be considering.  Not yet forty years old, Ryan has already achieved a record of achievements, that most lawyers would consider a stellar lifetime career. He served as Co-Lead Counsel on the Incretin Memetics Litigation, as well as in leadership positions on numerous MDLs. Ryan is often involved in emerging litigations in a major way. His grasp of the science involved in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation and his willingness to take risks, have resulted in his incredible rise in the world of Mass Tort litigation.
One of Ryan’s early victories involved taking on a major credit reporting agency and collecting 28 Million dollars, in a litigation other firms had overlooked.
Ryan brings a unique perspective to mass torts. It is a privilege to hear Ryan speak and even more of a privilege to get to know him.

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John Ray

John Ray has been a leading consultant to the Mass Tort industry for over a decade. His unique skill sets make him well suited to both teaching and consulting in the Mass Tort arena. As a 21-year old graduate of Brenau University in Atlanta, John graduated Magna Cum Laude and started a pharmaceutical and medical device company right out of school, selling it in an eight-figure deal when he was 35. John’s tenure in the pharmaceutical and medical device field allowed him to gain an in-depth understanding of FDA regulatory matters, as well as, a thorough understanding of the science and epidemiology related to gaining FDA approval to market pharmaceuticals and medical devices. John’s inside knowledge of how “Big Pharma” operates gives him a unique perspective and skill sets that are very useful to Mass Tort plaintiff firms. When John brought his “insider knowledge” and business acumen to the Plaintiff Mass Tort Space, one of the first things he recognized was a lack of common terminology and well defined metrics. John realized that firms were expressing the same concepts, but were not using the same terminology. As a result, John set out to define common terms and create methods for formulating important metrics for use by Mass Tort firms when evaluating litigations. The terminology and metrics John Ray developed are now commonly used by major Mass Tort Law firms. John is highly sought after and writes White Papers about both current and emerging torts, which are highly coveted in the industry. The accuracy of John’s analysis of emerging and ongoing litigations is unmatched. The fact that John not an attorney has proven to be an asset. John thinks like a business person, employing creative problem solving and possesses an extensive set of business skills and industry specific knowledge. He assists Mass Tort firms in making sound business decisions before and during any litigation they are involved in or are considering becoming involved in. John is an expert at evaluating cases and looks at each tort as an individual “investment,” which can be quantified resulting in risk mitigation for you and your firm.

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