Viibryd linked to Acute Pancreatitis and Sleep Paralysis

ViibrydViibryd, manufactured by Forest Laboratories was approved by the FDA in 2011 for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) in adults.

  • After reviewing an FDA Letter to Forest Labs written on September 6, 2016, we believe new warnings will shortly be added to the Viibryd label related to a link between the drug and acute pancreatitis.
  • Additionally we expect to see new warnings related to sleep paralysis also added to the Viibryd label and prescribing information.

Although this drug affects serotonin, it functions slightly different from most SSRIs because it also acts as a partial antagonist of the 5­HT1A receptor.  Approved in 2011, Viibryd quickly became the third-most prescribed antidepressant by 2014, according to Mental Health Daily. Cymbalta and Prestiq being the two antidepressants prescribed more often that Viibryd.

Although sleep paralysis is a serious condition and which cause psychological harm in the most severe cases, the condition is generally not severe. Sleep paralysis is a condition in which a person is awake but can not move or speak. Generally, sleep paralysis occurs upon waking and last less than one minute.

However acute pancreatitis can lead to serious injury and even death. Pancreatitis, especially if it reoccurs, can lead to pancreatic cancer, which is almost uniformly fatal.

Added to Mass Tort Nexus Watch List

To the best of our knowledge no lawsuits have been filed related to these newly discovered conditions linked to Viibryd however, we expect that when the new warnings are added, it may lead to investigations by law firms and education campaigns directed toward  users of Viibryd. The result of these investigations and public education campaigns are likely to lead to Viibryd lawsuits being filed.

The potential Viibryd Litigation will be discussed at the November 11th -14th Four Days to Mass Tort Nexus Course in Fort Lauderdale. For Information on other topics that will be discussed by our panel at the November Course visit this link:  Panel Discussions

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