Oklahoma Doctors Treating More Burns from Exploding E Cigs

doctor e cig burnsDoctors at the Alexander Burn Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma have treated four patients for third-degree burns in the last month when the batteries their e-cigarettes exploded.

Dr. Tara Wilson told Channel 2 TV that the men in their their mid-20s to mid-30s suffered burns to their thighs, which required surgery and at least a week of hospitalization.

Two patients are suing the companies that sold them the e cigarettes. The patients claim they were carrying the e-cigs in their pockets when the battery exploded.

MDL Coming?

As the number of cases begin to multiply, plaintiff attorneys may seek to organize a multi-district litigation (MDL) docket, where hundreds of cases can be tried before a single court.

MDLs have been formed in other emerging phase cases involving IVC Filters (MDL 2641 and 2570), Essure Birth Control, Fluoroquinolones (MDL 2642) and SGLT2 Inhibitors like Invokana.


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