South Dakota Woman Files Suit after Bard IVC Filter Gets Embedded in Her Organs

Bard Denali IVC Filter 2013
Bard IVC Filter

A South Dakota woman charges in a lawsuit that her Bard IVC filter became embedded in her internal organs, causing major health problems. Amber Nordin underwent surgery to have the device removed in 2014, but it was unsuccessful.

According to her complaint, she is expecting to face more issues, including life-threatening complications and ongoing medical care. Her case, No. 4:2016cv04005, is filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota.

At least 27 deaths have been associated with Bard’s Recovery filter — a spider-shaped apparatus that is inserted into the largest vein in the body — over the course of a decade, according to NBC News. Government data shows about 300 other non-fatal problems have also been reported with the Recovery.

Even as death and injury reports were climbing, the company decided not to recall the Recovery. Instead, Bard sold about 34,000 of them for nearly three years before replacing them with a modified version with a new name, G2.

Multi District Litigation

Lawsuits from across the country are consolidated in MDL 2641 docket in Arizona federal court.  Fact discovery is under way. The parties reported that they have scheduled seven depositions and are in the process of scheduling more.

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