Amicus Media Group Helps Mass Tort Firms with Legal Marketing

investmentValencia, California, August 2, 2016 — Amicus Media Group is stepping up the legal marketing game with new services, tools, and strategies designed to specifically target potential clients through savvy media campaigns across television, radio, mobile, and digital. With its unique media connections and resources, law firms in areas such as Mass Tort, personal injury, family law, employment law, and emerging practice areas are able to increase return on investment from marketing.

Using decades of collective experience in the legal marketing and finance space, Amicus Media Group gives law firms the ability to more effectively invest in marketing to connect those that have been injured or harmed with those that can help utilizing focused and cost effective marketing.

Amicus Media Group leverages for its client’s powerful relationships with national and local television and radio networks, as well as key providers of web-based lead generation.  These relationships translate into superior rates and lower cost per case acquisition metrics.

For law firms looking to expand brand awareness, Amicus Media Group will deliver a media strategy reaching an astounding 85 percent of households through national television. Because the majority of Americans consume more than 4 ½ hours of television per day, such media exposure proves essential to reaching hundreds of thousands and/or millions of consumers.  Radio is also one of the most engaged news and entertainment mediums in the country, economically delivering a targeted audience and excellent case acquisition.

Put the power and resources of Amicus Media Group to work for your law firm today! More information is available by phoning 888-700-1088 or by e-mail at

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