Join us March 10-13 for the "Four Days to Mass Tort Success Course" in Fort Lauderdale

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The upcoming year promises to create more opportunities  than ever  for Plaintiff Attorneys who currently practice Mass Torts, or are interested in adding Mass Torts to their current practice.

Mass Tort Nexus is currently tracking  and researching over 300 potential Mass Tort cases, many of which may reach the litigation phase in 2017. 

Over 250 attorneys have already attended the Mass Tort Nexus Four Days to Mass Tort Success Course. We only accept 20 attorneys per course and the March Course has just 4 seats remaining.

It’s your turn to gain inside knowledge of the only practice area that provides true economies of scale and the opportunity to work smarter, not harder.

Whether you are a Mass Tort pro, dabbled in Mass Torts, or are new to the practice area, the “Four Day Mass Tort Success Course” will help you avoid common mistakes, while giving you a road map to success in Mass Torts.  We teach you a step- by-step process to ensure you understand the methods and metrics of this practice area.

In addition to the hands-on, how-to instruction attendees will receive,  our panel of experts will be presenting real world case studies related to emerging and ongoing litigations.


Liva Nova Stockert 3T System – Potentially Deadly Infections
Fortify and Quadra Assura Litigation Stemming From FDA Recall
Mirena Intra Cranial Pressure  (New Mirena Litigation)
Atrium C-Qur Hernia Mesh
Ethicon Physiomesh  Hernia Mesh


Tandem Bipolar Hip System
 Profemur Hip  System
LFIT V 40 Acetabular  Cup
New Information on Metalosis 


Taxotere – Permanent Hair Loss      
Proton Pump Inhibitors – Kidney Damage
Xarelto – Bleeding and Ishemic Stroke            
 Pradaxa – State Court Consolidations
All IVC  Filters – not just Bard and Cook                 
Abilify- Compulsive Behavior
Fluoroquinolones –  more than peripheral neuropathy 

Our Panel of Expert Speakers

Attorney James Onder
James (Jim) Onder is well known for his multiple  fifty million dollar plus Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer verdicts. Jim’s vastexperience in numerous Mass Tort litigations makes him an invaluable resource.
Jim and other members of his firm, have served as co-lead counsel and in various leadership positions on numerous MDLs. The opportunity to hear James speak about a difficult litigation, that he and his co-counsel firms managed to achieve massive jury awards will be an opportunity you won’t want to miss.
Attorney John Dalimonte 
John Dalimonte currently serves on the Steering Committee of the Cook Medical IVC Filter Litigation and the Bard IVC Filter Litigation. He will be speaking about  the Cook and Bard IVC Filter Litigations, as well as other ongoing and emerging IVC Filter Litigations, which involve additional IVC manufacturers.  John has served in leadership positions on a number of MDLs and was Co-Lead Counsel in the Vioxx Product Liability Litigation.
The IVC Filter Litigation may be one of the largest mass product liability litigation’s of all time, with respect to the number of plaintiffs and payouts. This litigation puts the “complex” in complex litigation and the opportunity to interact with one of the leading attorneys in this case is invaluable.
Attorney Ryan Thompson
  Not yet forty years old, Ryan has already has an impressive record of achievements, that most lawyers would consider a stellar lifetime career. He served as Co-Lead Counsel on the Incretin Memetics Litigation, as well as in leadership positions on numerous MDLs. Ryan is often involved in emerging litigations in a major way. His grasp of the science involved in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation and his willingness to take risks, have resulted in his incredible rise in the world of Mass Tort litigation.
One of Ryan’s early victories involved taking on a major credit reporting agency and collecting 28 Million dollars, in a litigation other firms had overlooked. Ryan brings a unique perspective to Mass Torts. It is a privilege to hear Ryan speak and even more of a privilege to get to know him.
 Attorney Darin Schanker
Darin  has over a decade of experience in Mass Tort litigation. Darrin and his law partner, Kyle Bachus were the driving force behind the current Taxotere litigation.  Darin and Kyle were responsible for the voluminous research and work that led to the discovery of the devastating effects of Taxotere.
Although many attorneys have represented clients in mass tort litigation’s, few have “discovered” the cause of action and developed the first client case for a new litigation. The opportunity to hear Darrin speak should not be missed. 

Attorney Greg Rueb

Greg has tried over 75 Jury Trials with only one loss. He has established himself as an elite trial attorney and hard nosed negotiator. Greg currently serves in leadership positions on a number of ongoing Mass Tort litigations. Having taken and defended over 750 depositions, he has developed a unique perspective and an ability to unearth the facts defendants most want to keep hidden. He is a major force in Mass Tort litigation as well as an extremely informative speaker.
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