Kayexalate Emerging Litigation

Emerging Kayexalate Litigation

Kayexalate: An emerging litigation
















Kayexalate, made by Concordia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was first approved by the FDA subsequent to New Drug Application 011287.

September 2017 : FDA is recommending that patients avoid taking the potassium-lowering drug sodium polystyrene sulfonate (Kayexalate) at the same time as other medicines taken by mouth. A study found that sodium polystyrene sulfonate binds to many commonly prescribed oral medicines, decreasing the absorption and therefore effectiveness of those oral medicines.

A study was conducted in the laboratory, called an in vitro study, to evaluate the binding potential for certain administered medicines commonly taken together with sodium polystyrene sulfonate. These medicines included certain:

Blood pressure medicines


Seizure Medications

Blood Thinner Medication


By reducing or eliminating the effectiveness of other drugs, patients may be more likely to suffer adverse events intended to be controlled by the effected drugs.

Prior to the September 2017 FDA action, the Kayexalate label included warnings related to the concomitant use of several drugs however, these warnings did not include a significant number of drugs now found to be potentially harmful when used in combination with Kayexalate.

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