Briefcases -- OPIOID National Prescription Litigation MDL 2804 USDC ND Ohio (Eastern Division) -- US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE "OPIOID CRISIS" INVESTIGATIONS, INDICTMENTS AND RELATED MATERIALS -- Purdue Pharmaceuticals Criminal Indictments

Documents: Purdue Pharmaceuticals Criminal Indictments

Court Order Kentucky v Purdue denying Purdue Dismissal citing 2007 Purdue Plea (8-2013).docx
KY v Purdue 8-5-13 USDC VA Opinion Re Purdue 2007 Dismissal Denied 1-07cr00029.injunction opinion.pdf
Pudue Plea Defense Memo Re Dr Goldenheim with letters of support 7-16-17 (USDC VA).pdf
Pudue Plea Defense Sentencing Submission With Purdue Supporting Documenst Attached 7-16-07 (USDC VA).pdf
Pudue Plea Reference Letters Re Defense Memo Dr Goldenheim 7-16-07 (USDC VA).pdf
Purdue Criminal Information-Indictment and Attachments 5-10-2007 USDC VA.pdf
Purdue Execs -agreed-facts 2007 plea deal.pdf
Purdue Execs Plea Agreement May 10, 2007 USDC Virginia.pdf
Purdue Plea Indictment Information Dcoument May 19, 2007 USA-v-Purdue (USDC VA).pdf
US Atty USDC VA Purdue Plea Deal Press Release 5-10-2007.pdf
USDC Dept HHS OpinionBann of Purdue Execs From CMA (Friedman-v.-HHS) Dec 13, 2010.pdf