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  1. SGLT2 Inhibitors FDA and Other Evidence
  2. Canadian Invonaka Lawsuit
  3. SGLT2 FDA Caution May 2015
  4. SGLT2 Inhibitors Evidence
  5. About DKA Science and Evidence
  6. Johnson and Johnson Stockholder Lawsuit Re: Levaguin
  7. SGLT2 Inhibitors Dec 2015 New Black Box Warning
  8. Jaridance FDA (Intital Approval 2014)
  9. Glucotoxicity, Insulin Resistance and DKA
  10. Stroke and Heart Attack, PE and DVT in DKA
  11. How SGLT2s Work and Why they Cause DKA (Theory)

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  1. SGLT2 Inhibitors Dec 2015 Warning.pdf
  2. Dapagliflozin improves muscle insulin but inheances endrogenous gluscose production.pdf
  3. J & J Stock Holders RICO Re: Levaquin Complaints
  4. Stroke and Heart Attack in DKA.pdf
  5. Invonaka Lawsuit Filed in Canada.pdf
  6. SGLT2 Inhibitors Dec 2015 Warning.pdf
  7. DKA and Thrombotic Complications.pdf
  8. Glucotoxicity.pdf