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Cook TVM Litigation MDL 2440

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  1. Cook TVM Litigation PTOs
  2. Cook TVM Litigation Forms
  3. Transvaginal Mesh Educational Videos
  4. Cook Medical TVM Litigation Contacts
  5. Cook MDL District Court Rules and Info
  6. Cook TVM Lead Counsel and Steering Committee
  7. Cook TVM Defendants Master Answer
  8. Cook TVM Master Complaint
  9. FAQs Filing in Cook TVM MDL
  10. COOK TVM MSL Local Rules

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  1. Plaintiff Fact Sheet.pdf
  2. MDL 2440 FAQs About Filing in MDL 2440.pdf
  3. Cook TVM Master Answer.pdf
  4. MDL 2440 Contact List.pdf
  5. PTO_36 (Order Cancelling May 1, 2014 Status Conference and June 12, 2014 Status Conference).pdf
  6. Plaintiff Profile Form.pdf
  7. Prolapse Repair with Neomedic Surelift system performed in the Hospital de Granollers.mp4
  8. MDL 2440 Bellwether Trials.pdf