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DEPUY MDL 2244 Pinnacle Hip Implant

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  1. DePuy Orthopaedics MDL 2244 Orders (J&J Pinnacle Hip Implant)

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  1. Andrews Initial Complaint filed 10-27-15 No 3-15-cv-3484 in DEPUY MDL 2244.pdf
  2. DePuy MDL 2244 Plaintiffs Fact Sheet Template in PDF.pdf
  3. Andrews vs. DePuy (Pinnacle Implant) $1.1 Billion Trial Verdict Against Johnson & Johnson Dated 12-1-16 (Court Charge)
  4. Andrews v Depuy (Pinnacle Hip Implant) Pacer Docket Re $1.1 billion Dollar Verdict vs Johnson & Johnson
  5. Andrews 3-15-cv-3484 12-1-16 Jury Notes Re DEPUY MDL 2244.pdf
  6. Andrews 3-15-cv-3484 Dkt 269 J-J Memorandum in Support Re Andrews Recall Failure Claims 11-29-16.pdf
  7. Andrews 3-15-cv-3484 12-1-16 Response to J-J Trial Objections Re DEPUY MDL 2244.pdf
  8. Andrews 3-15-cv-3484 Dkt 266 J-J Memorandum in Support Re Lack of Personal Jurisdiction 11-29-16.pdf