Briefcases -- MDL 1943 LEVAQUIN (levofloxacin) Products Liability Litigation (USDC Minnesota) -- Levaquin PTO & Minutes

Documents: Levaquin PTO & Minutes

2014-0910-Levaquin-4th-amended-PTO # 1 Procedural Issues.pdf
2014-0610 Status Conference-Minutes.pdf
2014-0516-Status-Conference-Minutes from May 6, 2014.pdf
2014-0506 Third-Amended-PTO-No-1 Procedural Issues.pdf
2013-1011-Order to Show-Cause regarding Pro Se Plaintiffs.pdf
2013-0620-Status Conference-Minutes from June 19, 2013.pdf
2013-0115-Order Appointing Magistrate Judge Boylan as Special Settlement Master.pdf
2013-0103-Amended PTO # 03-Attachements 1-Exhibit C, 2-Exhibit D, 3-Exhibit E.pdf
2012-0817 Motions to Alter or Amend the Judgment and for a New Trial (Straka v Johnson&Johnson, et al. 08cv5742.pdf
2012-0817-Order Denying Defendant's Motion for Relief from Judgement (Shedin v Johnson&Johnson, et al 08cv5743.pdf
2012-0817-Order Motion to Prohibit Certain ex parte Communications with Treating Physicians(in re Levaquin Products Liability.pdf
2012-0625 Order on Motion for Stay of Execution Without Supersedeas Bond Christensen v Johnson & Johnson, et al 07cv3960.pdf
2012-0613-Status-Conference Minutes from June 11, 2012.pdf
2012-0326-Order on Motion for new Trial (Christensen v Johnson & Johnson et al 07cv3960.pdf
2011-0316 Minutes from March 16, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2012-0126 Special Verdict Form (Straka v Johnson & Johnson et al 08cv5742).pdf
2011-1229 Order on Motions in Limine (Straka v Johnson & Johnson et al 08cv5742.pdf
2011-1228 Order Denying Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgement (Stratka v Johnson & Johnson et al 08cv5742).pdf
2011-1228 Minutes from December 28, 2011 (continued Pretrial-Motion hearing.pdf
2011-1227 Minutes from December 27, 2011 Pretrial/Motion hearing.pdf
2011-1129-Minutes from November 29, 2011 Status-Conference.pdf
2011-1025-Minutes from October 25, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2011-1014 Minutes from October 12, 2011 Telephone Conference.pdf
2011-1014 Levaquin Pretrial Order No 12.pdf
2011 0914 Minutes from September 14, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2011-0826 Order-Defendant's Motion-New Trial & Motion for Judgement-Matter of Law (Schedin v Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc 08cv5743.pdf
2010-1208 End trial minutes.pdf
2011-0713 Minutes from July 13, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2011-0623 Special Verdict Form (Christensen v Johnson & Johnson et al 07cv3960.pdf
2011-0606 Order on defendants' objections to deposition testimony (Christensen v OrthoMcNeil Pharmaceutical, etal07cv3.pdf.pdf
2011-0527 Order re limine motions (Christensen v Ortho Mcneil Pharmaceutical, et al 07cv3960).pdf
2011-0512 Order to Unseal the Punitive Damages Order issued on 11/09/10.pdf
2011-0427 Minutes from April 12, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2011-0411 Minutes from April 6, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2011-0316 Minutes from March 16, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2011-0308 Selection of Next Bellwether Case for Trial.pdf
2011-0302 Minutes from March 2, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2011-0307 Second Amended Pretrial Order.pdf
2011-0304 ORDER denying Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law in Schedin v Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc case.pdf
2011-0128 Minutes from January 28, 2011 Status Conference.pdf
2010-1207 Special Verdict 1.pdf
2010-1208 SpecialVerdict punitive damages.pdf
2010-1124 Order denying Defendents' Motion in Limine Regarding Post-2005 Labelling.pdf
2010-1123 ORDER on Motion to Bifurcate Proceedings on Punitive Damages.pdf
2010-1112 ORDER denying Motions to Exclude Expert Testimony of Blue and to Exclude Blue for Conduct.pdf
2010-1109 ORDER on Defendants' Motion to Exclude Expert Testimony on Defendants' Knowledge, Motivations, and Intent.pdf
2010-1109ORDER-defendants motion-limine re FDA petitions-post-2005.pdf
2010-1109 ORDER granting defendants' motion to quash subpoenas for trial testimony and William Weldon.pdf
2010-1109 ORDER granting in part plaintiffs' motion to exclude expert testimony of J. Paul Waymack.
2010-1109 Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion to Amend Complaint to Add Demand for Punitive Damages.pdf
2010-1108 Order denying defendants' motion to exclude testimony of Dr. Thomas Zizic and Dr. Martyn Smith.pdf
2010-1108Order denying plaintiffs' motion to exclude testimony of Keith Altman and granting in part plaintiffs motion #87.pdf.pdf
2010-1108 ORDER on defendants' motion for judgment on the pleadings.pdf
2010-1104 Order on Expert Testimony of Drs. Seeger, Layde, Zhanel, Rodricks and Holmes.
2010-1015 Order denying Independent Medical Examination of John Schedin.pdf
2010-1014 Minutes from the 10-14-10 Motion hearing Levaquin.pdf
2010-1002 MINUTES from Plaintiff's Motion to Compel.pdf
2010-0929Min frm 9-28-10 hearing on:1-Plaintiff John Schedin's Motion-Amend-Complaint-Add Demand-Punitive Damages & etc .pdf
2010-0917 Levaquin 08-1943 Pretrial Order 9.pdf
2010-0917 Levaquin 08-1943 Pretrial Order 8.pdf
2010-0910 Minutes from the 09/10/10 Status Conference.pdf
2010-0709 Pretrial Order # 5 on Expert Discovery.pdf
2010-0803 Minutes from the 08/03/10 StatusConference.pdf
2010-0726 Order Denying Summary Judgment (The Learned Intermediary Doctrine).pdf
10-0622 MINUTES from the 06/22/10 Status Conference/Motion Hearing.pdf
2010-0528 MINUTES from the 05/28/10 Status Conference-Motion Hearing.pdf
2010-0503 MINUTES from the 05-03-10 Status Conference.pdf
2010-0420 Pretrial Order # 7.pdf
2010-0406- MINUTES from the 4-06-10 Status Conference.pdf
2010-0212 Pretrial Order # 6.pdf
2010-0212 MINUTES from the 2-12-10 Status Conference.pdf
2010-0125 ORDER-Amended Pretrial Order #1 Attachment-CM-ECF Guidelines.pdf
2009-1214 ORDER Denying Plaintiffs' Motion for Selection and Consolidation of Bellwether Cases for Trial.pdf
2009-1125-ORDER Granting in Part and Denying In Part Plaintiffs' Motion to Compel.pdf
2009-1123 MINUTES from Plaintiffs' Motion to Consolidate Cases for Trial held on November 23, 2009.pdf
2009-1110 MINUTES from Status Conference held on November 10, 2009.pdf
2009-1007 Pretrial Order # 5 on Expert Discovery.pdf
2009-0809 MINUTES from Status Conference held on September 8, 2009.pdf
2009-0526-Levaquin Motion Compel.pdf
2009-0512 MINUTES from Status Conference held on May 12, 2009.pdf
2009-0320 MINUTES from Status Conference held on March 20, 2009.pdf
2009-0324 ORDER denying as moot defendants' Motion to Amend Pretrial Order No1 on Procedural Issues.pdf
2009-0220 PRETRIAL ORDER # 4 on Bellwether Trials and Discovery.pdf
2009-0122PTO#3-Plaintiffs CommonBenefit&Cost Funds-ContingentFeeAgreements-Fee&CostSharing-Time&ExpenseReporting-Attachments#1-ExC,#2-ExD, #3 ExE.pdf
2008-1218 ORDER Denying Defendant's Motion for Protective Order.pdf
2008-1215 Minutes from Status Conference held on December 15, 2008.pdf
2008-1121 Pretrial Order #2 on Fact Deposition Discovery.pdf
2008-1105 Pretrial Order #1 on Procedural Issues with Attachment A-CM-ECF Guidelines.pdf
2008-1017 Minutes from Status Conference held on October 17, 2008.pdf
2008-1007 Minutes from Phone Conference held on August 6, 2008.pdf
2008-0929 Order on Joining Plaintiffs from the same Federal Districts in Single Complaints.pdf
2008-0904 Minutes from Status Conference held on September 4, 2008.pdf