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  1. The Honorable Eldon E Fallon
  2. The Honorable Matthew F. Kennelly
  3. The Honorable Dennis Saylor IV
  4. Federal Judges by Appointing President
  5. The Making of the Pro Business Judiciary
  6. Judge Richard Posner
    1. Judge Posner Cases
  7. Judge David G Campbell
    1. Judge David G Campbell Cases
  8. The Honorable Donovan W Frank
  9. The Honorable Robert B. Kugler
  10. Judge Cathy Seibel
  11. Judge Richard Young
  12. Judge David R. Hearndon
  13. Judge Anthony J. Battaglia

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  1. Eldon-E-Fallon-Financial-Disclosure-Report-for-2009.pdf
  2. Mirena MDL Judge No Res Judicata Bar For Plaintiffs Other Case.pdf
  3. Judge Fallon Bio.pdf
  4. Judge Fallon History.pdf
  5. Fallon Modifies Jury Award.pdf
  6. Judge Fallon The New Orleans MDL Experience.pdf
  7. Eldon-E-Fallon-Financial-Disclosure-Report-for-2010.pdf
  8. Merck Agrees to Settle Vioxx Suits for 4 Billon NY Times.pdf