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  1. Transcripts from GSK Qui Tam 3 Billion Settlement

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  1. Exhibit 1 GSK performance-based sales incentive-The Strongest Link-Special Incentive Program for Wellbutrin SR.pdf
  2. Exhibit 29 -Pradko – Hudziak – Green Program Schedule – Wellbutrin SR.pdf
  3. Exhibit 74 -GSK Faxback titled Effects of Wellbutrin SR on Body Weight.pdf
  4. Exhibit 87-GSK slides from 2003 Wellbutrin XL Operating Plan.pdf
  5. Exhibit 100 -Advair Leader Guide- Elion Workshops – Semester I, ’03″.pdf
  6. Exhibit 139 -GSK Investor Relations slides titled 3Q Results 2006″ listing TORCH as a near – term growth opportunity.pdf
  7. Exhibit 164 -Documentation of GSK payments to Dr. Jeffrey Green.pdf
  8. Exh 63-Slides-GSK speaker Dr. Pradko’s re-Neuroreceptor Basis-Initial Antidepressant Choice w-ads-audio recording-lecture.pdf