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  1. James B. Irwin Defense Counsel
  2. Susan M. Sharko
  3. Steven Glickstein


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  1. Susan M Sharko General Information.docx
  2. product-market-definition-in-the-pharmaceutical-industry.pdf
  3. Avmed V Brown Greer Jame Irwin.pdf
  4. COOPER v_ SMITH & NEPHEW _ James Irwin.pdf
  5. Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC Attorneys.pdf
  6. Irwin Fritchie Urquhart & Moore LLC Offices.pdf
  7. James B Irwin Bio.pdf
  8. PTO4-1.docx
  9. PTO4-1.pdf
  10. PTO4A-1.pdf
  11. US Chamber Article by Defense Lawyers.pdf
  12. Choice of Law and Punative Damages by Susan M Sharko.pdf
  13. Daubert Hearings Article Susan Sharko.pdf
  14. Limit on Access to Court Documents by Susan Sharko.pdf
  15. Motion--File Master Corporate Disclosure Statement Unopposed.pdf
  16. Product Liability Update Susan Sharko.PDF
  17. Product Liability Update Susan Sharko Contibutor.pdf
  18. Resolving Mass Legal Disputes Through Class Arbitration_ The Unit.pdf
  19. Susan M Sharko General Information.docx
  20. Susan M. Sharko Co Lead Defense Depuy ASR MDL 2197.pdf
  21. Techniques For Defending Class Actions Susan Sharko.pdf
  22. Steven Glickstein General Info.docx
  23. Federal Jurisdiction Reform by Steven Glickstein.pdf
  24. Pre-emption Motion Before Supreme Court Steven Glickstein.pdf
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