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  1. SYNGENTA AG MDL2591 Pretrial Orders
  2. SYNGENTA AG MDL2591 Corn Litigation Orders
  3. SYNGENTA MASS TORT USDC SD Illinois In Re: Tweet 3:16-cv-0255-DRH and Poletti 3:15-cv-01221

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  1. Syngenta Corn MDL 2591 Amended Order Re Transferred Cases and Future Similar Filings June 2, 2016.pdf
  2. Syngenta Corn MDL 2591 Memorandum-Order Denying Syngenta Motion to Dismiss Non-Kansas Plaintiffs March11, 2016 No. 1679.pdf
  3. SYNGENTA MN State Court Litigation - Plaintiffs Opposition to Syngenta Demand for 50K PFS 12-11-2015.pdf
  4. Syngenta Corn MDL 2591 Coordination Order for Bellwether Discovery, October 21, 2015.pdf
  5. Syngenta Corn MDL 2591 Coordination Order Related to Settlement February 25, 2016 No 1600.pdf
  6. Syngenta Corn MDL 2591 Memorandum-Order Re Cargill and AMD Motion for Remand May 5, 2015 No. 395.pdf
  7. Syngenta Corn MDL 2591 Syngenta Answer and Counterclaims To Second Amended Complaint Novemner 19, 2015 No. 1224.pdf
  8. Syngenta Corn MDL 2591 May 25, 2016 Status Conference Agenda May 18, 2016 No. 2052.pdf