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  1. The Honorable Eldon E Fallon
  2. The Honorable Matthew F. Kennelly
  3. The Honorable Dennis Saylor IV
  4. Federal Judges by Appointing President
  5. The Making of the Pro Business Judiciary
  6. Judge Richard Posner
    1. Judge Posner Cases
  7. Judge David G Campbell
    1. Judge David G Campbell Cases
  8. The Honorable Donovan W Frank
  9. The Honorable Robert B. Kugler
  10. Judge Cathy Seibel
  11. Judge Richard Young
  12. Judge David R. Hearndon
  13. Judge Anthony J. Battaglia
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  1. Judge Fallon The New Orleans MDL Experience.pdf
  2. Mirena MDL Judge No Res Judicata Bar For Plaintiffs Other Case.pdf
  3. Judge Fallon Bio.pdf
  4. Bio.pdf
  5. List of federal judges appointed by Barack Obama.docx
  6. Judge Fallon Career.pdf
  7. Judge Fallon History.pdf
  8. The Honorable Eldon E.pdf
  9. Judge Fallon Attitude Technology.pdf
  10. Judge Fallon Chinese Drywall Document.pdf
  11. Judge Fallon Chinese Drywall.pdf
  12. Judge Fallon Chise Drywall Ruling.pdf
  13. Judge Fallon Merck Verdict.pdf
  14. Eldon_E_Fallon-2012 Financial Interests.pdf
  15. Eldon-E-Fallon-Financial-Disclosure-Report-for-2009.pdf
  16. Eldon-E-Fallon-Financial-Disclosure-Report-for-2010.pdf
  17. Fallon Modifies Jury Award.pdf
  18. Merck Agrees to Settle Vioxx Suits for 4 Billon NY Times.pdf
  19. Judge Fallon Bio.pdf
  20. Fallon Modifies Jury Award.pdf
  21. Judge Fallon Amendment to Vioxx Settlement.pdf
  22. Judge Fallon Attitude Technology.pdf
  23. Judge Fallon Chinese Drywall Document.pdf
  24. Judge Fallon Chinese Drywall.pdf
  25. MDL Article Bellweather Trials.pdf
  26. 2014-03-14-Androgel-Order.pdf
  27. Angry judge postpones trial of ex-radio host.pdf
  28. Bio.docx
  29. CNN.pdf
  30. Controlling IP Litigation Expense.pdf
  31. Cook-County-Jail-newspaper-ban-declared-unconstitutional-Kennelly-decision-7-6-15.pdf
  32. Federal Judge Rules No Reasonable Jury __.pdf
  33. Federal Testosterone Lawsuits Consolidated in MDL in Chicago.pdf
  34. How Recent Pro-Preemption Wave May Lift Brand-Name Drugs.pdf
  36. Judge declines to drop Androgel maker B__.pdf
  37. Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss Nearly 40 Testosterone Lawsuits.docx
  38. Judge Rejects Customer Suit Over Records From AT&T.pdf
  39. Over-Arguing.pdf
  40. Testosterone MDL Judge Denies Dismissal__.pdf
  41. Judge Dennis Saylor IV District of Massachusetts
  42. Zofran Order Denying Defendants Summary Motion.pdf
  43. List of federal judges appointed by Harry S.docx
  44. List of federal judges appointed by Dwight D.docx
  45. List of federal judges appointed by Lyndon B.docx
  46. List of federal judges appointed by John F.docx
  47. List of federal judges appointed by Richard Nixon.docx
  48. List of federal judges appointed by Jimmy Carter.docx
  49. List of federal judges appointed by Gerald Ford.docx
  50. List of federal judges appointed by George H.docx
  51. List of federal judges appointed by George W.docx
  52. List of federal judges appointed by Bill Clinton.docx
  53. The Making of the Pro Business Judicary.docx
  55. BACKPAGE.COM, LLC, v. Sheriff of Cook County, Illinois.pdf
  56. Bio.docx
  57. Case Summaries.docx
  58. Do Deficits Matter.pdf
  59. Harvard Magazine.pdf
  60. How Judge Posner Thinks Judges Should Think.pdf
  63. Richard Posner.pdf
  64. Seventh_Circuit_Reaffirms_Propriety_of_Overbroad_Washing-Machine_Classes.pdf
  65. The Case of Avian Flur.pdf
  66. The Judicial Posner on Negligence Vs Strict Liability.pdf
  67. When Judges Rely on Their Own Online Research.pdf
  68. Arpaio deputies faulted in ID-theft case.pdf
  69. Case Summaries.docx
  70. Church News.pdf
  71. David G Campbell Bio.pdf
  72. David G.pdf
  73. District of Arizona Certifies Class of First Solar Investors.pdf
  74. Lexis Legal News.pdf
  75. Los Angeles Times.pdf
  76. Reuters.pdf
  77. The New York Times.pdf
  78. U.S. News.pdf
  79. Biography of Judge Frank
  80. Additional Bio
  81. Chamber Information.pdf
  82. Judge Refuses to Buy Best Buys Motion to Dismiss.pdf
  83. Lending Act.pdf
  84. Lessons From Key Players In Guidant MDL.pdf
  85. Maverick judge to decide fate of sex offenders program.pdf
  86. Olmstead Plan.pdf
  88. Peltier v. FBI.pdf
  89. PRETRIAL ORDER NO. 5.pdf
  90. Securities and Exchange Commission v. Todd A. Duckson, et al..pdf
  92. USA v. Eco Finishing Company et al.pdf
  93. Judge Kugler Bio 1
  94. Judge Kugler Bio 2
  95. MDL Transfer Order.pdf
  96. Member Of Lucchese Organized Crime Fami__.pdf
  97. NJ Judge Kicks Train Derailment Suit To State Court.pdf
  98. Judge Kugler Bio 3
  99. Bio #2.pdf
  100. Bio.pdf
  101. Castagna v. Luceno.pdf
  102. Chambers Information.pdf
  103. Failed Sullivan fund manager sentenced to prison.pdf
  104. Federal jury slaps Yonkers mayor with $8 million judgment for seizing newspapers.pdf
  105. Graziano et al v. Pataki et al.pdf
  106. Judge Allows Case Against Bessemer Venture Partners to Proceed.pdf
  107. Judge Allows Key Parts Of Lawsuit Against Current And Past East Ramapo School Officials To Continue.pdf
  108. Judge dismisses ex-inmates suit over radiation from body scanners.pdf
  109. Judge Rules Town's Solicitor Fingerprinting Unconstitutional.pdf
  110. Middletown Registered Sex Offender Sent__.pdf
  111. Mortgage Industry Skates on Racketeering Claims.pdf
  112. Order Granting Summary Judgment SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION, INC.,.pdf
  113. Parties in New Rochelle Gadsden Flag Controversy Make First Appearance in Federal Court.pdf
  114. Picture.jpg
  115. Second Round of Mirena Lawsuits Selected for Bellwether Trials.pdf
  116. Summary_Judgment_Decision_Barboza.pdf
  117. Trial date set in Bozella wrongful conviction lawsuit.pdf
  118. Woman Jailed for Using Forged Check to Pay Off Mortgage.pdf
  119. Women should be among lead lawyers in IUD case, federal judge says.pdf
  120. Writing F-bomb on your speeding ticket __.pdf
  121. Bio.docx
  122. Case Summaries.docx
  123. Chief Judge Young sentences Arizona wom__.pdf
  124. 33 Yaz Lawsuits Headed to Trial.pdf
  125. Bio #2.pdf
  126. Bio.pdf
  127. Chambers Info.pdf
  128. Chief Judge David R.docx
  129. Federal Yaz and Yasmin Lawsuits Prepare for Trial.pdf
  130. Hundreds of Yaz Lawsuits Resolved with Settlements.pdf
  131. Photo.jpg
  132. PradaxaLawsuit News #2.pdf
  133. PradaxaLawsuit News.pdf
  134. pradaxa-marketing-practices-on-trial-illinois-mdl.pdf
  135. Bio #2.pdf
  136. Bio.pdf
  137. Byetta, Januvia, Janumet and Victoza Cases Consolidated in Southern District of California.docx
  138. Illegal Sports Bookmaker Sentenced for Conspiring to Commit Sports Bribery.docx
  141. Mexican Mafia Member Pleads Guilty to RICO Charges.docx
  142. Note to Litigants When Costs Shift, TAR Costs May Shift with Them.pdf
  143. Operators of Mortgage Loan Modification Business Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Fraud.docx
  144. Prominent Surrogacy Attorney Sentenced to Prison for Her Role in Baby.docx
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