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  2. Filing a New MDL
  3. Bellwether Trials
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  1. Manual For Complex Litigation Word.docx
  2. Bellwether Trials In Multidistrict Litigation.pdf
  3. ABA Article Reference for Mass Tort Participation.pdf
  4. Article on MDL Settlements.pdf
  5. Complex Litigation Manual Commentary Appendix 2006.pdf
  6. Judges Manual on Complex Litigation.pdf
  7. JPML FEEs.pdf
  8. JPML Reorganized.pdf
  9. JPML_Calendar_Year_Statistics-2012[1].pdf
  10. Check List for Filing a New MDL.pdf
  11. Check List for Filing New MDL Motion.pdf
  12. Panel_Rules-Amended-7-6-2011_With_Index-6-5-2014.pdf
  13. MDL Article Bellweather Trials.pdf
  14. Bellwether Trials In Multidistrict Litigation.docx
  15. History of Mass Torts Univerity of Texas.pdf
  16. Scholarly Article on Settlements.pdf
  17. Frye v US Pre-Daubert Standard.pdf
  18. Manual For Complex Litigation.pdf
  19. JPML Selection of District and Judge[1].pdf
  20. JPML Stats.pdf
  21. JPML_Calendar_Year_Statistics-2013[1].pdf
  22. JPML_Calendar_Year_Statistics-2014_0[1].pdf
  23. Rules of Evidence 2011.pdf
  24. Federal Rules of Evidence 1974.pdf
  25. Overview of Multidistrict Litigation Rules at the State and Federal Level.docx
  26. Proff of Service MDL.pdf
  27. Rules for Filing MDL.pdf
  28. Sample 3 MDL List of Actions.pdf
  29. Sample Format For Filing a New MDL.pdf
  30. Sample Transfer Motion.pdf
  31. Step 2 Filing a New MDL Brief in Support.pdf
  32. Step 3 Filing a New MDL Scheule of Actions.pdf
  33. Step 4 Filing a New MDL Proof of Service.pdf
  34. The Shortest Distance_ Direct Filing and Choice of Law in Multidi[1].pdf
  35. A Survey of Federal Multidistrict Litigation - 28 U.S.C. 1407.pdf
  36. A Survey of Federal Multidistrict Litigation - 28 U.S.C. 1407[1].pdf
  37. Boston Law Review Article MDLs.pdf
  38. Case Study 5 Class Actions and Mass Torts.pdf
  39. Case Time and Cost Management for Plaintiffs in Multidistrict Lit[1].pdf
  40. Chair of JPML Article.pdf
  41. From the Horse's Mouth The Workings of the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.docx
  42. Is Multidistrict Litigation a Just and Efficient Consolidation Te.pdf
  43. Is Multidistrict Litigation a Just and Efficient Consolidation Te[1].pdf
  44. JPML Article.pdf
  45. JPML-FAQs.pdf
  46. Judical Panel As Gate Keeper.pdf
  47. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation_ Time for Rethinking[1].pdf
  48. Managing MDLs in Product Liability.pdf
  49. MDL Article Common Benefits.pdf
  50. Multidistrict Litigation and Its Parts Louisiana Law Review.pdf
  51. Multidistrict Litigation Ohio State Law Forum.pdf
  52. Multidistrict_Litigation_Berkley.pdf
  53. Tulane Law Review.pdf
  54. Unsettling Efficiency_ When Non-Class Aggregation of Mass Torts C[1].pdf
  55. Utilizing Statistics and Bellwether Trials in Mass Torts_ What do[1].pdf
  56. Case Law Relevant To Causation.docx
  57. Daubert vs Dow.docx
  58. Medical Device Act 1976.pdf
  59. Medical Device Act 1990.pdf
  60. Rules of Evidence 1975-Pub.L._93-595_FRE.pdf
  61. Rules of Evidence 2011 Supreme Court Ruling.pdf
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